“Hotel Des Boobs” By David Lodge Critique

June 8th, 2010


The short story “Hotel Des Boobs” by David Lodge is about a young man, Harry, and a girl named Brenda. I assume that they are married they take family trips together and now that they are old enough they didn’t go with the parents. So the story starts off with Harry looking about his hotel window at a female at the hotels pool who is topless. Brenda tells him to stop being a peeping tom but Harry doesn’t know what that is an continues to enjoy the view of the womans breasts. Most the story is Harry talking about how the hotel should be named “Hotel Des Boobs” instead of “Hotel Des Pins” because all the women around the pool are always topless. Through the story Harry is just looking at the half-naked girls and judging how nice their boobs are. He then goes down to the pool with Brenda but brings a book and sunglasses that way it looks like he is reading but his eyes are really wandering underneath the glasses looking at all of the women’s boobs. He then soon has the urge to see his wife naked so he trys bribing her, he said if she takes her top off he’ll buy her the dress she wanted that was twelve hundred francs. By the end Harry gets papers that blew away for the Author and him and his wife got in a fight about the size of his “Prick” and how she was sorry for making fun of it she was just mad he was paying attention to all the other girls more than her.